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Microwave dielectric Resonator


About Daiken


All-around Manufacturer of Milli ~ Nano Powder Processing Technology

Wide range of technology of Daiken Chemical

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Lot variation observation, seasonal variation observation, raw material receiving inspection. We place top priority on safe supply. We focus on the production environment, development goals and challenges, and development of original pastes based on thorough hearings. In accordance with ISO 14001, we cut down the amount in use of environmentally harmful substances. Our products are designed to be compliant with environmental regulations in the world such as RoHS.
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  • Apr.7.2020 Updated measures against the spread of the new coronavirus
  • Dec.4→6.2019 Exhibition at the Sensor / OLED / LDC Technology Exhibiton @Makuhari Messe
  • Nov.1.2019 The Plasma Research Laboratory was renamed Tsurumi Research Laboratory
  • Feb.14→16.2018 Exhibition at the New Functional Materials Exhibtion @Tokyo Big Sight
  • Nov. 28→30.2017 Exhibition at SME New Manufacturing / New Service Exhibition @INTEX Osaka
  • Feb.1.2016 Reception of a letter of appreciation for the Life Cap Campaign from the Osaka City Waste Managament Association
  • Jan.12→15.2016 Nepcon Japan (EXPO 2016) Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight
  • Jul.15.2015  New product, Base metal termination paste for PTC thermister omic, is released
  • Feb. 6.2015  Site renewal & Product information updated
  • May. 1.2014 Zirconia beads φ100μm、φ75μm is released
  • Oct. 1 ~ 5.2013  Attending the exhibition, CEATEC JAPAN 2013 at Makuhari Messe
  • Feb. 15 ~ 17.2012  Attending the exhibition, New Functional Material Exhibition 2012 at Tokyo Big Sight

Various metal conductive paste (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Silver-Palladium, Copper, Nickel, etc)
Various metal powders such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Silver-Palladium
Inorganic and organic metal compounds (Resinate)
Conductive paste and adhesives
Gold liquid for pottery and table ware
Carbon nano tube and other high tech products (CNP Division)
Dielectric Ceramics and Dielectric Resonator (Q3 Division)


Scope of application: Fukui factory

Scope of registration: The design / development and manufacture of precious metal powder, Glass powder, and paste electronic parts.














Scope of application:

Head Office, Gifu Plant, Higashiosaka Incubation center, 

Daiken Chemical Sales & Mfg. Co., Ltd.  Head Office, Daiken Chemical Sales & Mfg. Co., Ltd.  Imafuku Plant, Daiken Chemical Sales & Mfg. Co., Ltd.  Fukui Plant

Scope of registration activities:

Development, Production and Sales of Precious Metal Powder, Base Metal Powder, Conductive Paste for Electronic Parts, Organic and Inorganic Nano-dispersion slurry and Dielectric Ceramic Component


Corporate Social Responsibility

Management Policy

Management Policy

Daiken Chemical Co., Ltd. voluntary practices CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) in various fields such as human rights, labor, environment, health, fair trade, ethics, quality, safety, information security and social services. Daiken searches for every possible mean to satisfy our society and customer needs and wants. Daiken places its business on the base of to promptly develop, manufacture and sale original products for a high tech industry. Daiken, as one of the responsible companies for future generations, persistently aims to obtain the best technology and quality.



Environment Policy

Environment Policy

We have a basic policy as “to care about environmental protection, to make a people friendly environment and to succeed a rich global environment to our future generations”. For the sake of diminishing the influence on environment arising from business activities, we operate an environment management system in accordance with the following policies.


1. Keep improving an environment management system, and in parallel, keep pushing prevention of pollution by always recognizing the influence of the materials and products on environment from the very first product design.
2. Comply with all domestic and foreign statutory and administrative requirements concerning environment.
3. Announce and publish this environment policy widely and train employees thoroughly to make sure the importance of efforts for environmental protection is understood as a member of company and a member of society.
4. Work systematically on the environmental objects and targets defined under considering the dimension of influence on the environment from our business activities, products and services.


Environment Policy


Quality Policy

Our president has established our quality policy from our management policy of ‘Daiken places its business on the base of to promptly develop, manufacture and sale original products for a high tech industry. Daiken, as one of the responsible companies for future generations, persistently aims to obtain the best technology and quality’ and keeps improving our quality management system continuously. The president checks appropriateness of our quality policy through the management review and amends it if necessary.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Information Security


The Daiken Chemical Group (Daiken Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Daiken Chemical Manufacturing and Sales Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the Group) contributes to society as a comprehensive manufacturer of electronic materials that ensures reliable quality by those who continue to take on the challenge of new technologies and open up to the next generation, and deep pursuit of technology. Recognizing that information assets related to our business activities are important, the Group has established information security policies, employees, and related external parties with the aim of systematically and continuously working on information security. We will inform the concerned parties and work on it.


1. Compliance with laws and regulations

The Group will comply with laws and regulations related to information security, national guidelines, contractual obligations, and other social norms.


2. Establishment of information security system and establishment / compliance of management standards

The Group will establish and comply with information security systems and management standards.


3. Implementation of information security measures

The Group will take appropriate measures to protect information assets from threats such as negligence, accidents, disasters and crimes. In the unlikely event that an information security problem occurs, we will promptly investigate the cause and take countermeasures to minimize the damage and strive to prevent recurrence.


4. Implementation of information security education

The Group will provide education to ensure the importance of information security and the proper handling of information assets.


5. Continuous improvement of information security

The Group will continue to review and improve the information security system by rotating the PDCA cycle in information security.



June 1, 2022

Daiken Chemical Group

Daiken Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Daiken Chemical Manufacturing and Sales Co., Ltd.

President and CEO Masahiro Harada

Our Expertise

Our Expertise


Our Products and Range of our technology

Our Product Line and Range of Technology

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The major points of our service


We have a wide variety of high-quality powders, and we are developing reliable pastes that meet various conditions, using our many year of experience and technology.



Aiming for zero defect production, we operate in-house quality management system in accordance with ISO.


We have an edge on built-to-order system. Our engineers devote to listen to each customer to develop products that befit demands, production equipment and production environment. Our product can be designed to correspond with various countries' environmental standards.



We bring forward reducing environmentally harmful materials.



We have a wide variety of high-quality powders, and we are developing reliable pastes that meet various conditions by utilizing our many years of experience and technology.

Message from President

Deriving satisfaction from our work that inspires us
to contribute to individuals and society

Since 1951, Daiken Chemical Co., Ltd. has been pursuing its own distinctive research to develop the potential of precious metals. One of our earliest innovations was the development of liquid gold for ceramics.

During this period, we have responded to the needs of our customers by constantly taking on the challenges of developing new technologies. Today, we have grown to become a renowned Japanese developer of conductive pastes and other leading high-tech metal components.

To all those who have supported our business over the years, we feel a deep sense of gratitude. We remain committed to our precepts as inspired by Shujing (“The Book of History”); specifically, we shall “derive a satisfaction from our work that inspires us to contribute to individuals and society.” Moreover, we shall strive to pursue R&D innovations that provide benefits for up to two decades.

We maintain a focus on providing our customers with superior technology and unmatched quality. At Daiken Chemical, a pioneer in forging the future of precious metals, we look forward to your continued support and encouragement.




Our history



Daiken Liquid Gold Co., Ltd. is established in Imafuku, Joto-ku, Osaka, with capital of 2 million yen.



The Nagoya Branch is established in Nagoya Ceramics Hall.



Daiken Liquid Gold acquires Ito Kinshoja’s manufacturing and sales business for liquid gold for ceramics.



Corporate capital is increased to 3 million yen.



The company is renamed to Daiken Chemical Co., Ltd.



The Company launches a materials business targeting electronic components following the in-house development of conductive paste.



Corporate capital is increased to 15 million yen.



Corporate capital is increased to 25 million yen.



The Company adopts conductive materials, such as precious metal pastes, as its principal product line.



The Company purchases 9,900 square meters of land for a plant at the Technoport Industrial Park in Mikuni-cho, Fukui Prefecture.



The Company merges with Daiei Kaken Co., Ltd. Corporate capital is increased to 26.6 million yen.



The Head Office building is constructed at its current address.



Corporate capital is increased to 48.9 million yen.



The Company constructs its Fukui Plant at the Technoport Industrial Park in Fukui Prefecture.



The Company constructs a three-story dormitory in a sports park in Mikuni-cho, Fukui Prefecture.



The Nagoya Branch is relocated to the 5th floor of the IF Building, 156, Fujigaoka, Meito-ku, Nagoya.



The Company purchases 13,200 square meters of land adjoining the Fukui Plant. Fukui Plant No.2 is constructed.



Fukui Plant No.3 is constructed.



The Fukui Plant acquires certification of ISO 9002 registration.



Higashi Osaka Plant is constructed.



The Tokyo office is opened on the 7th floor of the Mitsubishi Building, 2-5-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.



The Company acquires certification of ISO 9001:2000 registration.



The Company acquires certification of ISO 14001 registration for the Head Office, Imafuku Plant, Fukui Plant and Higashi Osaka Plant.



Gifu Plant is constructed.

2010 December Established Plasma Research Laboratory (renamed Tsurumi Research Laboratory) in Tsurumi-ku, Osaka.
2011 January Established Daiken Chemical Manufacturing and Sales Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, and split the main electronic materials business.
2019 October Closed Higashi Osaka Factory due to business restructuring.

 Nano-ZrO2 dispersion for High-R.I. resin. 



Corporate Information

Company Name
Daiken Chemical Group
 (The wholly-owned unit of DAIKEN CHEMICAL CO., LTD.)
Capital 48.9 million yen
Establishment April, 1951 Establishment January, 2011
Capital 48.9 million yen Capital 10 million yen

Business Pursuits

Electronic Material Division Gold liquid for pottery and table ware
Various metal conductive paste
Electronic Material Division Various metal powders
Various metal conductive paste
Gifu Q3 Division Ceramics and Resonator
Tsurumi laboratory NCT
Plasma Applied Technology
Osaka Head Office
Osaka Head Office

Fukui Plant

Fukui Plant




ISO9001 markJAB


Scope of application: Fukui factory


Scope of registered activities:

The design / development

and manufacture of precious metal powder, glass powder,

and paste for electronic parts.















Scope of application: Head Office, Gifu Plant,

Higashiosaka Incubation center, Daiken Chemical Sales & Mfg. Co., Ltd. Head Office,

Daiken Chemical Sales & Mfg. Co., Ltd. Imafuku Plant,

Daiken Chemical Sales & Mfg. Co., Ltd. Fukui Plant


Scope of registration activities:

Development, Production and Sales of Precious Metal Powder,

Base Metal Powder, Conductive Paste for Electronic Parts,

Organic and Inorganic Nano-dispersion slurry and Dielectric Ceramic Component.










Head Office & Plant

2-7-19, Hanaten-nishi, Joto-ku,
Osaka 536-0011, Japan
Tel: +81-6-6961-6533       
Fax: +81-6-6968-2511

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Head Office & Plant

Nagoya Branch

5th Fl., IF Building,156 Fujigaoka, Meito-ku, Nagoya
465-0032, Japan
Tel: +81-52-775-6771
Fax: +81-52-775-6522

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Nagoya Branch

Tsurumi Laboratory

1-34-16, Hanaten Higashi, Tsurumi-ku,

Osaka 538-0044, Japan


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Fukui Plant

1-3-3, Technoport, Mikuni-cho, Sakai City, Fukui
913-0038, Japan
Tel: +81-776-82-8111
Fax: +81-776-82-8110
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Gifu Plant

423-1, Yamaoka-cho hara, Ena City, Gifu 509-7605, Japan
Tel: +81-573-57-3013
Fax: +81-573-57-3014
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Gifu Plant

East Osaka Incubation Center

1-4-1, Aramotokita, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Creation Core Higashi Osaka South Building Room 2221
TEL: 06-6720-8640

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(1) お客様及びお取引先様各社の役員・社員等に関する個人情報

  1. 取扱製品・商品に関する営業活動 
  2. 契約の履行
  3. 取扱製品・商品に関する情報・サービス等の提供
  4. 展示会・セミナー等のご案内
  5. 取扱製品・商品に関するお問い合わせ・ご相談への対応
  6. アンケート等による市場調査・分析


List of our new & emerging products




0.3~0.5μmUniformity-controlled AgPd powder <GDA series>new

0.3~0.5μmUniformity-controlled AgPd powder <GDA series>

 Coprecipitated powder of 0.3~0.5μm with alloy character. The peak can be controlled by mixture ratio.

More Details (PDF)…




Metal Organic Compound (Resinate)

Metal Organic Compound (Resinate)

The Sulfur & Harogen Free Metal Organic Compound optimal to adding a minor component or coating by forming thin film which can be processed with wide range of sintering temperature.
More Details (Link)...


Gold liquid (Gold/Platinum liquid)

Gold liquid (Gold/Platinum liquid)

The product we started our business with. It can be used not only for ornamental purpose but also for conductive material. Gold liquid products, platinum liquid products, the colors, sintering temperature conditions, adhesiveness, metal content and so on, we accommodate your needs.  

More Details...


Dielectric Ceramics

PHOTO: Link to Dielectric Ceramics parts

Resonator with dielectric ceramics for communication devices which is processed by metalizing with dipping method.
More Details (Link)...










Halogen and Sulfur Free Metal Organic Metal Compound (Resinate)

About metal resinate (Organic metal compound)

Metal resinate is also called organic metal compound (including solutions). It is used for a minor component as a metal additive or a material of metal films, alloy films (Au,Pt) and oxide films (Ru, Pd).
We have widely looked on and manufactured the resinate of a platinum group which is especially effective as a catalyst and electrode.




- Halogen and Sulfur Free

It generates no corrosive gases on decomposition,
so we can prevent alternation of other materials,
deterioration of the equipments and
environmental pollution.


- Useful as a minor component 
Additive or for very thin film coating
(for Surface activator etc.)

It can be homogenously mixed at molecular
level with various pastes, and be useful to
coat very thin films of nano meter order,
applicable to surface activator.


- Wide range of firing 
temperature conditions

Low temperature sintering is possible due to the
formation of metal with very small size on the
thermal decomposition, and a high temperature
process is also applicable with the addition of
some sintering retardant.

Sintering 850℃ 10min keeping

▲Sintering 850℃ 10min keeping
Resistivity 4.3μΩcm


Sintering 350℃ 30min keeping

▲Sintering 350℃ 30min keeping
Resistivity 11.0μΩcm


We are offering the solutions of platinum group metal shown in the following table. Solvents and metal concentrations in the table are examples only. They are customizable due to high solubility to organic solvents. Please ask for more details.

MetalMetal Concn. (%)SolventDecomp. Temp. (℃)Application
Ru 6 Isobutanol 200-290 RuO2 film, Catalyst
Rh 7 Isobutanol 130-250 Additive, Catalyst
Pd 8 Butyl acetate 200-250 Pd film, Catalyst
Ir 8 Isobutanol 200-250 Additive, Catalyst
Pt 10 Butyl acetate 140-300 Pt film, Catalyst
(Au) --- --- 160-400 Au film

Following data is of one of Au metal pastes prepared from the resinates above.


Paste property

Item No. Au-2201Y-10
Metal content 22%
Viscosity 50Pa・s
Solvent BC
Film hardness 5H(Pencil Hardness)
Firing Temperature 350℃~850℃
Feature Wide range of sintering temperature

Application examples

Paste Au-2201Y-10
Screen for printing SUS 325 mesh
Drying condition 100℃ 10分
Firing temperature 750℃ 600℃ 350℃
Substrate Glazed Alumina Substrate Glass Substrate Polyimide Film
Temperature profile Heating time 60min Keeping 10min Heating time 50min Keeping 10min Heating time 40min Keeping 30min
Thickness after firing 0.2μm 0.2μm 0.2μm
Surface resistance 110mΩ/□ 140mΩ/□ 270mΩ/□
Resistivity 2.2×106Ωcm 2.8×106Ωcm 5.4×106Ωcm

We are also offering concentrated aqueous solutions of dielectric materials such as titanium oxide, used for manufacturing powders and films of TiO2, BaTiO3, PbTiO3, (Ba,Pb)TiO3. Additionally Ba(Ti,Zr)O3, Pb(Ti,Zr)O3, (BaPb)(Ti,Zr)O3 etc. also can be formed by concomitant use of commercially available zirconium oxide aqueous solution.

New Product: Iridium Resinate

Our corporation has prepared platinum group resinates by using non-halogen starting materials, offering their solutions and metal pastes based on them. Iridium resinate virtually free from Chlorine (containing less than 0.1% of residual chlorine to Iridium atom) has been developed recently. This resinate is easy to form into the paste because it is well soluble in various organic solvents and compatible with various polymers. The resinate is also usable as an additive of iridium metal. Iridium metal is expected to become a good additive for improving heat resistance of metal films due to the characteristics of small solubility to metallic Gold and Silver.
Iridium Acetate, which is soluble in water and stable in the air, is also available


In addition, we are able to customize products responding to the needs of customers.