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Halogen and Sulfur Free Metal Organic Metal Compound (Resinate)

About metal resinate (Organic metal compound)

Metal resinate is also called organic metal compound (including solutions). It is used for a minor component as a metal additive or a material of metal films, alloy films (Au,Pt) and oxide films (Ru, Pd).
We have widely looked on and manufactured the resinate of a platinum group which is especially effective as a catalyst and electrode.




- Halogen and Sulfur Free

It generates no corrosive gases on decomposition,
so we can prevent alternation of other materials,
deterioration of the equipments and
environmental pollution.


- Useful as a minor component 
Additive or for very thin film coating
(for Surface activator etc.)

It can be homogenously mixed at molecular
level with various pastes, and be useful to
coat very thin films of nano meter order,
applicable to surface activator.


- Wide range of firing 
temperature conditions

Low temperature sintering is possible due to the
formation of metal with very small size on the
thermal decomposition, and a high temperature
process is also applicable with the addition of
some sintering retardant.

Sintering 850℃ 10min keeping

▲Sintering 850℃ 10min keeping
Resistivity 4.3μΩcm


Sintering 350℃ 30min keeping

▲Sintering 350℃ 30min keeping
Resistivity 11.0μΩcm


We are offering the solutions of platinum group metal shown in the following table. Solvents and metal concentrations in the table are examples only. They are customizable due to high solubility to organic solvents. Please ask for more details.

MetalMetal Concn. (%)SolventDecomp. Temp. (℃)Application
Ru 6 Isobutanol 200-290 RuO2 film, Catalyst
Rh 7 Isobutanol 130-250 Additive, Catalyst
Pd 8 Butyl acetate 200-250 Pd film, Catalyst
Ir 8 Isobutanol 200-250 Additive, Catalyst
Pt 10 Butyl acetate 140-300 Pt film, Catalyst
(Au) --- --- 160-400 Au film

Following data is of one of Au metal pastes prepared from the resinates above.


Paste property

Item No. Au-2201Y-10
Metal content 22%
Viscosity 50Pa・s
Solvent BC
Film hardness 5H(Pencil Hardness)
Firing Temperature 350℃~850℃
Feature Wide range of sintering temperature

Application examples

Paste Au-2201Y-10
Screen for printing SUS 325 mesh
Drying condition 100℃ 10分
Firing temperature 750℃ 600℃ 350℃
Substrate Glazed Alumina Substrate Glass Substrate Polyimide Film
Temperature profile Heating time 60min Keeping 10min Heating time 50min Keeping 10min Heating time 40min Keeping 30min
Thickness after firing 0.2μm 0.2μm 0.2μm
Surface resistance 110mΩ/□ 140mΩ/□ 270mΩ/□
Resistivity 2.2×106Ωcm 2.8×106Ωcm 5.4×106Ωcm

We are also offering concentrated aqueous solutions of dielectric materials such as titanium oxide, used for manufacturing powders and films of TiO2, BaTiO3, PbTiO3, (Ba,Pb)TiO3. Additionally Ba(Ti,Zr)O3, Pb(Ti,Zr)O3, (BaPb)(Ti,Zr)O3 etc. also can be formed by concomitant use of commercially available zirconium oxide aqueous solution.

New Product: Iridium Resinate

Our corporation has prepared platinum group resinates by using non-halogen starting materials, offering their solutions and metal pastes based on them. Iridium resinate virtually free from Chlorine (containing less than 0.1% of residual chlorine to Iridium atom) has been developed recently. This resinate is easy to form into the paste because it is well soluble in various organic solvents and compatible with various polymers. The resinate is also usable as an additive of iridium metal. Iridium metal is expected to become a good additive for improving heat resistance of metal films due to the characteristics of small solubility to metallic Gold and Silver.
Iridium Acetate, which is soluble in water and stable in the air, is also available