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Q3 Division is the professional office for dielectric ceramics, dielectric resonators, coaxial resonator(silver).

From raw materials to the die molding, firing, processing and metallization, we always provide products of the highest quality with the best technology at low cost, under the policy of Q3 from trial production to mass production by reliable domestic production.


We will correspond to the single process of silver processing silver metallization processing (Ag), molding, firing etc.

Please feel free to contact us.


Application| Our dielectric ceramics are used in the following scenes.

High power base station for the resonator, BS antenna resonators, obstacle detector, anti-collision devices microwave communication equipment, etc., MIC, VCO, simple radio for business (fire radio, train radio, etc.), portable radio, mobile communication devices, dielectric antenna, GPS, satellite communication for the down converter, BPF, Millimeter-wave radar, various filters 


PHOTO: Link to TE01δ Mode Dielectric Resonator PHOTO: Link to Coaxial Resonator, λ/2 resonator, λ/4 resonator PHOTO: Link to coaxial resonator with tab PHOTO: Link to GPS patch antenna  

TE01 δ Mode: DRO
(260M - 60GHz)

TEM Mode:

Coaxial resonator
(60M - 7GHz)

TEM Mode with Tab Antenna  

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