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Sintering Paste

Ag paste for low temperature firing onto glass substrate


This silver paste forms dense membrane, shows low resistivity and obtains good adhesion to glass substrate by firing from 430℃ to 600℃.


~Difference from the Ag pastes for ceramics~

Silver paste for ceramic normally starts sintering around 500℃ and even LTCC needs its top temperature between 800℃ to 900℃ for sintering. But the silver paste for low temperature firing is designed to start sintering nearly 350℃ and culminate around 400℃. Besides the paste shows good adhesiveness to glass substrates by sintering around 430℃.





It contains glass frit which is lead free.
It can be fired at low temperature, 480 degree Celsius.
It has low resistance value, 3.0μ Ω・cm.
It has good bonding strength to glass substrate.



Metal content 83~87wt%
Viscosity 200~300Pa・s
Temperature 430℃~480℃
Resistivity 1.9~2.2Ωμcm

*The following data are examples. Please ask us if you have other requests.


Paste appearance

Paste appearance

Printed paste on glass substrate

Printed paste on glass substrate

480℃-30min 430℃-30min
SEM appearance×2000 SEM appearance×2000
SEM appearance×2000 SEM appearance×2000

Paste for LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics)


We have developed and manufactured conductive paste for car and communication devices. Nowadays all devices have become smaller and smaller so the electrodes have become finer or thinner.
Very little difference in electrode materials often produce variable results from very little difference. We handle them with flexibility and knowledge and technique.




What is LTCC ?

LTCC is the abbreviation for Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics. It is made by mixing alumina and glass compound to form a green sheet. LTCC enables sintering at temperature as low as or less than 1000℃ so that Ag or Cu can be adopted as the conductor, making co-fire possible after laminating the conductor and green sheets, it also miniatures devices by low resistance and high density of substrates so that LTCC beckons to be used for high frequency devices.



1.Fine lines by screen-printing


It makes no open circuit or short circuit when screen-printing in L/S=20/20, 30/30, 40/40.


2.Shrinkage behavior control


Shrinkage behavior becomes under control by adding additives and our paste shows good match with a variety of green sheets.


3.High Hear-Resistance(with Fine-Line printability)
高耐熱性ペーストの開発 高耐熱性ペーストの開発

TMA (Thermal Mechanical Analysis) result of silver paste (No additives). It starts shrinking at higher temperature and still keeps fine-line printability.



Paste for MLCC (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor)


Nickel paste for MLCC inner electrode

A requirement for thinner MLCC`s inner electrode has been increasing as MLCC has recently been more and more miniaturized and obtained higher capacity. DAIKEN has manufactured nickel paste for MLCC for years. We have now commercial production of a new nickel paste which is developed for the thinner electrodes, using newly developed dielectric ceramic fine particles as a common material. We offer it with customization in order to suit your conditions(printing, laminating, sintering), as only one and number one product to our respective customer.


What is MLCC?

Multilayer ceramic capacitor is made of the structure in which a number of dielectric layers and electrode layers connected in parallel are stacked.
MLCC is small, obtains a large capacity and is excellent in the high-frequency characteristics. Therefore, it has become an important passive component that is essential for electronic equipments.
The electronic equipments in which it is used are mainly mobile phones, personal computers, digital cameras, flat-screen TVs and automotive parts.



Cross-sectional view of Multi-layer Ceramic Capasitor


MLCC inner electrode paste

Our newly developed BaTiO_3 (Patent No. 5519417) has enabled Ni Internal Electrode Paste to form thin-layer electrode.


①- Thorough removal of coarse grinds to making very thin electrode

Our Conventional paste product and Development paste product

Ni PasteSolid ContentNi ContentScreen MeshLay Down (mg/cm2)
Conventional paste 40.51% 36.5% SUS#500CL 0.300
Developent paste 40.55% 36.5% SUS#500CL 0.307

Comparison with the MLCC electrical characteristics of conventional products and development products.

(A):Our Conventional product  (B):Our Development product

Product Lineup

Inner electrode paste for MLCC

Ni particle





Goal Thickness
(After fireing)
Example of MLCC applications
0.6μm Screen Printing above 1300℃ above 1.5μm 1608-103、2012-104
0.4μm Screen Printing 1250~1300℃ 1.0~1.5μm 1608-105、2012-475、3216-106
0.3μm Screen Printing 1200~1250℃ below 1.2μm 1005-105、1608-225、2012-106、
0.2μm Screen Printing 1200~1250℃ below 1.0μm 0603-104、1005-225、1608-106、
0.15μm Screen Printing below 1200℃

below 0.6μm


Introduction of the books

The books in which our engineer's untold story of the development is included. (written in Japanese)

シーエムシー出版 日刊工業新聞社 技術情報協会 森北出版
シーエムシー出版 日刊工業新聞社 技術情報協会 森北出版


MLCC outer electrode paste.

This is a Cu paste developed for external electrode such as chip parts.

Please contact us for applicable chip sizes.

Over conventional Cu paste, it has the following advantages because it can form electrodes with high coverage.


①High fixing strength to materials


ItemReference Value
Inorganic Content 81±3wt%
Viscosity 42±5Pa・s
Solvent Terpineol
Sintering Temp. 850℃


Appearance Photograph

Chip size: 1608

SEM photo of sintered film

SEM photo of sintered film

Evaluated characteristics

Evaluated characteristics


Since it can form a dence film, it gives stable electrode strength with less variation when soldered.


Paste for HTCC (High Temperature Co-fired Ceramics)

This paste is for firing around 1500℃ which is higher than the firing temperature for LTCC. It is often used for the package of censors, LED, ceramic heaters, and optical transmission systems and so on.

Paste for HTCC

We have products for general-purpose chip capacitors and high-volume. We can also develop pastes to meet the requirement of our customers.

Product No.PrintingFillerRemarksPowder grain size
W-04 Screen Tungsten Heater 1.6

Content, filler, dispersibility etc. are adjustable.

In addition, we are able to customize products responding to the needs of customers.