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0.3~0.5μmUniformity-controlled AgPd powder <GDA series>new

0.3~0.5μmUniformity-controlled AgPd powder <GDA series>

 Coprecipitated powder of 0.3~0.5μm with alloy character. The peak can be controlled by mixture ratio.

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Metal Organic Compound (Resinate)

Metal Organic Compound (Resinate)

The Sulfur & Harogen Free Metal Organic Compound optimal to adding a minor component or coating by forming thin film which can be processed with wide range of sintering temperature.
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Gold liquid (Gold/Platinum liquid)

Gold liquid (Gold/Platinum liquid)

The product we started our business with. It can be used not only for ornamental purpose but also for conductive material. Gold liquid products, platinum liquid products, the colors, sintering temperature conditions, adhesiveness, metal content and so on, we accommodate your needs.  

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Dielectric Ceramics

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Resonator with dielectric ceramics for communication devices which is processed by metalizing with dipping method.
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In addition, we are able to customize products responding to the needs of customers.