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Paste List by Use / Application


Intended use

Mount field Organic materials, glass and ceramic substrate
Device forming LTCC patterning, LTCC VIA, Solar cell, Multilayer chip devices, Thermistor, Sensor, Inductor, Varistor, HTCC etc




Product list by use/application

Paste for LTCC use

Silver, Silver-Platinum conductive paste, corresponding to various sintering temperature and shrinkage rate of substrates, and various sintering method.

Paste for LTCC use

Product No.FillerResistanceApplicationTemperatureFeature
PA-88 Ag 2.0μΩ・㎝ Screen print 900℃ LTCC Fine-line printable
TCR-880 Ag 1.9μΩ Screen print 900℃ LTCC Fine-line printable

Tailor-made specification is available for adjusting viscosity, content, filler, size of the particles and other features and also considering the use such as inner/outer electrode, via the substrate, sintering condition and print methods.

 More details for sintering pastes for LTCC (LTCC paste page)

Paste for Glass substrates

This silver paste forms dense membrane, shows low
resistivity and obtains good adhesion to glass
substrate by firing at temperature from 400℃.

Paste printed on a
glass substrate

Product No.FillerResistanceApplicationTemperatureFeature
UA-202A Ag ≧2.5μΩ・㎝ Screen print

1. 450℃ ~

2. 500~600℃

1. For Soda-lime glass

2. For heat-resistant glass and ceramics

Tailor-made specification is available for adjusting content and other features.

Paste for MLCC

Inner electrode paste for chip capacitor from general model to high cap model.
Our paste are accommodated to befit to your production line.


Inner electrode

Ni particle sizeApplicationTemperatureElectrode thickness 
(After firing)
Intended use
0.6μm Screen print >1300℃ >1.5μm 1608-103, 2012-226, 3216-476
0.4μm Screen print 1250~1300℃ 1.0~1.5μm 1608-105, 2021-476, 3216-106
0.3μm Screen print 1200~1250℃ <1.2μm 1005-105, 1608-225, 2012-106, 3216-226
0.2μm Screen print 1200~1250℃ <1.0μm 0603-105, 1005-225, 1608-106, 2012-476
0.15μm Screen print <1200℃ <0.6μm 0603-105, 1005-475

Outer electrode

Product No.FillerApplication methodSintering conditionContentChip size
TCU-23B Cu Dipping 850℃ 74~80% 1608~2125
AG-100 Ag Dipping 720-760℃ 78% 1005~3216
AG-101 Ag Dipping 720-760℃ 75% 1005~3216

Pd paste and AgPd paste for inner/outer electrodes are also available.
Tailor-made specification is available for adjusting content, film thickness, chip size and so on. More details

Paste for HTCC

Pastes used for the inner layer and outer layer electrodes for HTCC.

Product No.ApplicationFillerRemarksParticle size
W-04 Screen print Tungsten For heater etc. 1.6μm
W-18 Screen print Tungsten High dispersibility 1.1μm
W-29 Screen print Tungsten 2.2μm

Tailor-made specification is available for content, filler, dispersibility and so on.

Paste for Piezoelectric devices

Pastes for the inner electrodes such as PZT, Relaxor and so on.

Item. NoFillerApplication methodTemperatureUseParticle size
GDA-270 AgPd7030 Screen print 1120℃ Inner electrodes 0.6μm
GDA280 AgPd8020 Screen print 1020℃ Inner electrodes 0.6μm
GDA-290 AgPd9010 Screen print 950℃ Inner electrodes 0.6μm

Tailor-made specification is available for content, filler, dispersibility and so on.

Paste for PTC/NTC thermistor

Our PTC thermistor paste is an excellent silver conductive paste for ohmic use.
Also we have out layer coating paste. Please contact us for more details.


Outer electrode for PTC thermistor

Product No.ContentFillerUseSintering temp.Thermistor
TH-45 76 Ag/Zn Screen printing 480-700

PTC thermistor / ohmic

TH-631 70 Ag Screen printing 480-700

PTC thermistor / cover

AD-400 82 Ag/Pd=7/3 Dip 850-900 NTC thermistor
AD-401 72 Ag/Pd=7/3 Dip 850-900

NTC thermistor

Specification for transfer printing is also available.

Paste for Varistor

Product No.FillerApplicationSintering temp.Feature
Pd-600 Pd Screen print 1250℃ Varistor, Inner electrodes
Ag-800 Ag Screen print 900℃ Varistor, Inner electrodes

for outer electrode of Varistor

Product No.ContentFilleruseSintering temp.Plating
AG-300 75 Ag Dip 640-680
AG-301 84 Ag Printing 650-750  

Specification for transfer printing is also available. Considering the content or other features,

Pastes for Resonator

Pastes optimal for metalizing the surface of resonator.

Dielectric Resonator

Product No.FillerResistanceApplicationSintering temp.Use
48H-22 Ag 3.0μΩ・㎝ Dipping 850℃ Resonator / Outer electrode
48H-22PF Ag 3.0μΩ・㎝ Screen printing 850℃ Resonator / Outer electrode

For details, please refer to the link here. → Gifu Plant

Paste for Inductor

Pastes for inner/outer electrodes of inductor.


For Outer electrodes of Inductor



mlcc AG-200
Product No.ContentFillerApplicationSintering temp.Plating
AG-200 70 Ag dip 640-680
AG-201 70 Ag dip 720-760

Speculation for transfer printing is also available.


For Inner electrode of Inductor


AG-500 30μm line

Product No.ContentFillerApplicationSinteringLine widthUse
AG-500 85 Ag printing 800-900 30-50μm Fine line
AG-501 87 Ag printing 800-900 50≦ Standard

Metal Organic Compound (Resinate)

We have widely looked on and manufactured the resinate of a platinum group which is especially effective as a catalyst and electrode.


Product No.FillerSpecific resistanceApplicationSintering temp.Use
Au resinate Au 3μΩ・㎝ Screen print 600℃~800℃ Thermal head
Pt resinate Pt 70μΩ・㎝ Screen print・DIP 400~800℃ Sensor
Pd resinate Pd Screen print・DIP 300~800℃ Activation cover coating
Ru resinate Ru Screen print・DIP 300~800℃ RuO2 Resistance over
Irresinate Ir Screen print・DIP 250℃ and above Addition agent


In addition, we are able to customize products responding to the needs of customers.