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Metal Paste

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About Our Metal Paste

Our long term commitment contributes to the progress of electronic technology by expanding the scope of potential of precious metals. We develop powders that expand the horizons of pastes to correspond variety usage.
We have a long track record of responding to various customer requests for various kinds of paste. Also, we have been producing and developing the pastes which require high level of technology, reliability and stability such as the ones used in the communications fields, automotive field and so on.



(Indication) use temperature, use substrate and types of our pastes

Please inform us conditions of use since the range of application and the compatibility of substrates have to be considered according to the conditions. Basically, we select a paste considering the heat resistance of the substrate you put our paste on.


(Indication) use temperature, use substrate and types of our pastes



Our Metal Pastes

Considering the heat resistance of substrates of use, we introduce our paste products by 2 different pages.

Sintering Paste
Conductive metal pastes for firing process


Page Link for Metal Nano Particle product and Resinate (Metal Organic Compound) are below.

Resinate (Metal Organic Compound)


Built to order


Our strength is the made-to-order production. Our technicians are engaged in electrode material development to suit customer's demand and condition.
We handle the electrode material corresponding to various environmental laws and regulations.

 operating temperature

Customize for your condition


We design and develop pastes appropriate to each customer’s needs considering not only the handling temperature, fine line printing, thin film formation, functionalization of adhesion etc., printing processes such as gravure printing, dipping, sputter etc. and the other features our customers want.


Lot variation observation, seasonal variation observation, raw material receiving inspection. We place top priority on safe supply


We are able to produce pastes manufactured with supplied materials. Please make use of our technical know-how.

In addition, we are able to customize products responding to the needs of customers.